Review: Corsodyl’s Ultra Clean Toothpaste

Recently I was sent an amazing Hamper featuring Corsodyl’s new ultra clean toothpaste. Although I brush my teeth morning and night and I put myself through the awful sensation of listerine, but can I say I look after my teeth? Not as much as you think. I drink red wine, coffee, I smoke and eat an unhealthily amount of sugar, so to protect my teeth I have to use an all signing, all dancing toothpaste and despite great oral hygiene, I’m no stranger to gum disease.

Gum disease is caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly builds up, on and in between your teeth. If left unchecked, plaque will irritate the gums leading to redness and soreness. If allowed to continue, gum disease can cause serious problems. Corsodyl

I have been using the ultra clean toothpaste for around two weeks, and already I am noticing the difference, the bleeding has virtually stopped, my gums are not irritable and my teeth are squeaky clean. I use an oral B electric toothbrush (strongly recommended by dentists) because my gums are sensitive I have to take extra care not to be too rough when brushing.

What the toothpaste claims to do:

“A clinically-proven toothpaste, specifically formulated for treating red, swollen and bleeding gums. Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste leaves an ultra clean, healthy and fresh sensation in the whole mouth every day. Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste has been designed to physically remove the cause of bleeding gums by targeting the build-up of bacteria along the gum line Corsodyl® leaves an ultra-clean, healthy and fresh sensation in the whole mouth every day.”

YES, YES AND YES. The only negative for me would be the taste, honestly it is not minty fresh, the taste is awful but it’s bearable for that 2 minute brush, for the extra fresh breathe I still endure listerine.

All in all will I continue to use Corsodyl’s Ultra Clean? Yes, i have noticed a huge difference in the health of my gums and the feel of my teeth.

Rating: 8/10 ( If it had tasted better than it would of had a straight 10!)

Where you can purchase Corsodyl’s Ultraclean Toothpaste:




** I was sent the product free for review purposes**

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