High & Dry: Enjoying a rainy London in style

Isn’t it great, the British summer? It’s so good that you don’t know what the weather is going to do from one day to the next. It might be sweltering hot one day, only for it to blow a hurricane the next. As a result, summer styles and choice of clothing becomes a challenge unlike any other! But at least we’re adept at doing indoor activities like no other, eh? So, if you’re enjoying the sunshine in a nice beer garden and the heavens decide to open, try these drier alternatives.

Go To A Gig In Hammersmith

You’ve got plenty of gigs under one roof with the Hammersmith Apollo, Regina Spektor and Father John Misty are a couple of the more alternative acts coming up, but if you like a bit of Wet Wet Wet, they’re playing soon too! Outdoor concerts are normally on the agenda for summer, but if you can’t trust the weather, then head for the safety of the indoors instead and enjoy a drink in an intimate concert setting rather than getting washed out at Wembley getting covered in other people’s airborne pints of warm beer!

Clubbing In Kensington

Chelsea and Kensington have some of the loveliest and trendiest clubs on the London scene. Get some cocktails down you and boogie the night away in places like Montezuma. You canjoin the Montezuma guestlist and get a table rather than spend your evening cramped on the dancefloor. Sip some cocktails or go for the strong stuff with the famous coffee patron tequila shots.

Get Some Culture In Trafalgar Square

For those that like their indoor activities tamer, The National Gallery will give you the hit of culture that you need. There are exhibitions of Peter Paul Rubens and Rembrandt van Rijn’s work, two great artists of the 17th century, but couldn’t be further apart. There’s not just the art, you can get inspired by free lunchtime talks and even creative sessions for adults so you can flex your writing pen or paintbrush.

Have A Coffee On The Southbank

There is nothing nicer than watching the rain trickle against the river while having a nice coffee in the warmth and comfort of the Southbank Centre. A hub of the arts sector in London, you can take a stroll down to the National Theatre and enjoy some contemporary theatre or watch some of the classics at the Globe.

Eat… Anywhere!

You’ve got so much choice for fantastic food, but if you want to get some amazing food, get to Camden market and go for anything there! Eat some beautiful food and either wander around the vintage markets to your heart’s content or get yourself into a nice pub and have a couple of ales. It’s a great way to while away a horrible rainy day, and with the amount of pubs in London, you are spoilt for choice to spend a lovely afternoon discussing the theatre or the gig you saw last night. Yes, the summer is temperamental, but at least you can have a great time indoors!

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