My top five binge worth TV Series

I’m not one to glue myself to a TV throughout the week, I much prefer to relax on a Sunday and just binge on all the shows I missed throughout the week. I do love a good drama series and in this post I will be sharing with you five of my binge worthy series.

1. Reign

Reign is a historical drama about Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots. It has four seasons, the current season will be it’s last as they have come to an end of Mary’s story. Reign’s story has been created with the historic records of Mary Stewart’s life, from the moment she arrived to French court to her execution (yet to be seen in the show). The series boasts a fantastic range of characters and story lines, crossing a variety of genres including history, drama, action, horror, thriller, romance and even comedy. It is a fantastic rollercoaster of a series. Reign can be watched on Netflix.

2. Once Upon a Time

Another netflix favourite of mine, Once upon a time is a popular drama series based on the Disney fairytales with the main character being the daughter of Snow White & Prince Charming, Emma Swan. The characters from the enchanted forest become victims of the Evil Queens curse, forcing them to live their lives in a quaint town in the real world called storybrook with no knowledge of their true identities. Currently in it’s fifth season, Once tells of stories of the constant battle of good versus evil, and how love conquers all. It has reached into the stories of little red riding hood, Aladdin, the little mermaid, Robin Hood, Hercules, the wizard of oz, sleeping beauty, Cinderella, beauty and the beast and many more. The beauty of Once is that it indulges the inner child in all of us.

3. Boardwalk Empire

Set in Alantic City during the prohibition, Boardwalk Empire centres around Enoch ‘nucky’ Thompson, a dirty politician with fingers in many pies. Very much a gangster themed drama series, where the law against alcohol is openly ignored with nucky being Atlantic city’s main supplier. Only five seasons long, this is a drama series I watch with my boyfriend at the weekends, we have just started season four and the characters we once loved we now hate and those we hated we now have soft spots for! Definitely worth a watch.

4. The Big Bang Theory

If I need to explain this one to you…get out from under that rock! Fantastic comedy show about scientists, very much got the ‘Friends’ feel to it.

5. iZombie

They are among us! Light hearted series about a crime fighting zombie, a young girl with a promising future gets infected whilst at a party, she wakes up but not alive and craving….brains.

There it is, fIve TV series I am currently watching that are certainly worth a watch! What are you currently watching?

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