Common Summer Style Mistakes to Avoid.

Now that summer is here; it is time for a wardrobe upgrade!

For most people, summer is their favourite time of the year when it comes to fashion. This is because it gives them the ability to experiment with vibrant colours and patterns. Nothing is off limits. Plus, it’s accessory season, with everything from sunglasses to straw hats available to complement looks. But, if you want to look flawless this season, you will need to avoid the common summer style mistakes mentioned below.

· Wearing festival wristbands for the entire summer – There is only one place to begin with, and this is festival wristbands. We know you are proud of the events you have been to throughout the summer, but no one wants to see a wristband that you acquired four months ago. Instead, why not collect them and stick them into a scrapbook or something? The amount of bacteria your wristband will harbour if you wear it every day is frightening.

· Over-layering – This is something a lot of people do in the summer when they are not confident with their body. They will team a mini dress with leggings, for example. If you do this, you are only going to make yourself look bigger. Embrace your beauty and avoid over-layering. After all, no one wants to sweat buckets during the warmer weather, do they?

· Wearing the wrong size – This is another tactic people use when they are not confident in their body for the summer. However, it is also something to be avoided. Again, if you wear something too slouchy or with too much fabric, you will only make yourself look bigger. If you do want to wear an oversized item, make sure you balance it. Therefore, if you want to rock an oversized T-shirt, you need to balance the look with skinny bottoms, or you can cinch it in at the waist. Needless to say, wearing clothing that is too small is not advised easier; you will only feel uncomfortable.

· Too many accessories – We mentioned in the introduction that summer is the season for accessorising, however, this does not mean that you should go overboard. There are so many people that go accessory crazy, teaming their outfit with a necklace, earrings, numerous rings, sunglasses, a hat, and anything else they can get their hands on. Instead of putting on as many accessories as you can find, it is better to opt for one or two statement pieces that will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

· Spending huge amounts on seasonal clothing – Unless you have money to burn, there is no point in spending money on seasonal items that can only be worn when the sun is shining brightly. After all, there is always the chance that trends will change by next year, and your taste may too. Shop sale items and make your money go further. One thing a lot of people like to do is buy clothing in the autumn or winter so that they can benefit from some incredible discounts.

· Too revealing – One of the most common style mistakes during the warmer weather is going for items that are too revealing. Just because the weather is nice does not mean that you should opt for sheer fabric or have too much cleavage on display.

· Too many colours – Another mistake a lot of people make during the summer is opting for too many colours. Of course, vibrant and pastel colours look amazing during the summer months, and colour blocking is a trend that is hot right now. But this does not mean that you should incorporate every colour in the rainbow into your outfit.

· Wearing thicker fabrics –You need to choose fabrics that flow and are light. Thick fabrics will only make you sweat, and nothing ruins an outfit more than sweat patches! When you are buying online, make sure you read the description to discover what the garment has been made from.

· Wearing flimsy fabrics – You are probably thinking, well you told us not to wear thick fabrics, now you are saying don’t choose flimsy fabrics, so what can we wear? Well, you should still look for light materials, but don’t go for anything cheap or flimsy. If you do this, it won’t sit very well on the body, and this can lead to a massive fashion disaster.

· Wearing the wrong bra – Summer is a season when halter neck tops and cute tank tops often come out to play. This makes it so important to find the right bra. You need a bra that offers exceptional support yet cannot be seen. Thankfully, this is a lot easier today than it used to be, as there are so many uniquely designed bras available on the market. From those with clear straps to nipple covers, there is something for all clothing designs.

· Not keeping flip flops for the beach – Everyone needs a good pair of flip flops for the summer, but this does not mean you should wear them at every occasion you get. Not only do flip flops look untidy and too casual if you wear them in certain situations, i.e. to work or out for dinner with friends, but they can also hurt your feet if you wear them too much.

· Wearing white underwear under white clothing – Wear skin toned underwear instead. If you opt for white, it will only show underneath your clothes. This will highlight your underwear, rather than distract from it, which is why skin tone is a must.

There is no denying that summer is one of the best months for those who love fashion. There are so many amazing patterns, fabrics, colours, and silhouettes to play around with, and an amazing assortment of accessories to choose from too. However, it is important to avoid the mistakes that have been mentioned above if you want to look flawless throughout. If you don’t commit the cardinal sins discussed, you will wow everyone you pass by on the beach this year.

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