Valentines: Date Night Beauty must haves

With Valentines only a few days away here are my must have beauty products for the years dedicated date day.

Battle bad breath worries with Beverly Hills Formulas Perfect White, activated charcoal isn’t just great for whitening it also absorbs and removes the bacteria causing the bad breath! It also comes in sensitive as well!

For gorgeous locks look for bumble & bumble! I personally have thin, flat hair which isn’t ideal when you have short hair! B&B’s thickening products gives your hair that natural volumised look, for extra oomph use the repair blow dry balm and the thickening texture spray to keep it locked in!

Something for the skin! Bioré charcoal bar. As a acne sufferer i really struggle with black heads, not only on my face but on my back, chest and shoulders. The combination of charcoal and exfoliating beads this bar really penetrates and clears out the clogged pores and leaves the skin looking clear and feeling soft, even if your not worried about blackheads and belmishes it works as a fantastic exfoliator.

No time to do your nails? Pick up Kiss’s Acrylic nails, so easy to put on and are strong enough to last all day and night! It is advertised they can last up to 7 days but for me one pinged off after one day but they survived a full working day in an opticians and a pub shift, they come with plenty of glue and spares for a quick fix. They have my vote for evening wear, and you can decorate them if fancy adding your own touch as i did.

having a long lasting lipstick doesn’t have to break the bank! MUA’s luxe velvet lip lacquer costs only £3 and has a wide range of colours. It is my absolute fav, especially Firecracker (above). It’s a lovely deep red and lasts hours even after eating and drinking!

That’s my top five must have products for Valentines! What are your go to products?

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