The Garcia Resort & Spa

For my birthday I treated myself to a holiday to Turkey, along with my colleague Helen we stayed at the Garcia Resort and Spa, a 5 star resort that is tucked away high with breath taking views.

The Garcia is an hour and a bit drive from Dalaman airport, now I know this sounds long but the scenery on the journey is worth it!

On arrival to the hotel a member of staff came rushing out to help us unload and take our suitcases into the front desk to check in. Already not five minutes in we have recieved a warm welcome, our luggage was being carried for us and we had already checked in shown to our room! We had been up early for our flight and we arrived at the Hotel around 4pm Turkish time so we were shattered, we couldn’t wait to see our room and crash out!

Our room was more than we expected, two single beds and a bunk bed in the corner, a free mini fridge filled with water and a selection of fizzy drinks, a tea making station, a light up mirror as well as a three door mirrored wardrobe which had a safe and a ground floor balcony surrounded by roses and various other flowers that also looked over the pools with a sea view. The only thing about the room that disappointed me was the bathroom! it was so small and only had a shower that flooded everytime we used it! We spoke to the cleaning staff about this and had our towels changed daily as we had to use our own to keep mopping the floor up.

The Hotel was all inclusive and had a lot to offer, it had two restaurants, one main buffet which had a different food theme each night, and an a la carte restaurants outside by the pool, which we didn’t try as we were happy with the buffet. There were two bars, the pool bar which also served lunch in the day and the “english pub” which really was just a lounge bar that was open 24 hours.

It had it’s own little shop for everything you may have needed including souvenirs, a onsite photographer, a games room which really just consisted of a pool table that you had to pay for, it’s very own spa facilities which were very nice! I always have trouble tanning with my pale skin so I treated myself to a Turkish bath…..and no it’s not a mud bath as I found out! It turned out to be an exfoliating wash by a little man with nothing but a cloth around his waist…it was certainly an experience I probably will never go through again!

There are three pools all the same depth, the staff claimed one was heated but we suspect that was a fib as they were all equally COLD! There was also flumes for the kids!

The staff at the Garcia were incredibly kind, they took an interest in the guests, made sure to learn your name so they could greet you and always served you speedily! The entertainment co-ordinator was a cheeky lad called Toby, everyday he arranged activities from archery to darts and he also organised the evening entertainment, including the odd bit of Bingo. Toby was a great personality, always had a smile on his face, always full of energy, the only thing that let him down was his little side venture. Each night Toby organised group of guests to go to Barrumba up in town for 20 lira each, Barrumba was like most bars, music, dancing and cocktails. The staff were seedy, there were men employed there to attract female tourists and flirt with them to stay and spend money, I clocked this straight away when I was brought over a fish bowl cocktail I had not ordered by a sharp chinned, green eyed, man candy bar man who then demanded 100 lira, I refused to pay this as I had not ordered it, it stayed untouched until it was taken away and sold to a young, drunk english girl who had the barmans tongue down her throat! I went with a lovely woman called Paula and we just danced with Toby all night long, it was fab! I was even taken by the manager to dance on the bar! Out side the bar was a seating area around a fire pit and even weeks on my playsuit still smells smokey! Although I had a good night I could see Toby was making himself a little exta on the side through the Garcia guests, I went a second time to celebrate my birthday (unofficially) we were crammed dangerously into a small car to the bar where i ended up getting sexually harrassed by staff, I ended coming back on my own in tears. I didn’t let that ruin my holiday though!

If I were to rate the hotel out of 10, I would give it a 7, as we went towards the end of the season I feel we weren’t provided with the full service the hotel had to offer and the bathroom really wasn’t 5 star worthy but as for the rest the hotel and it’s staff were incrediable and I certainly wont foget them!

See my Holiday Gallery below!


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