Review: Natural World Chia Seed Review

As a child I had beautifully long and thick hair, my mother used to have to use two hair bands to tie up, unfortunately getting older I became one of those girls who will never be happy with my hair colour so after years of dyes and bleach my hair has become flat, fine and dull. It has no volume or life to it.

This is where natural world come in…

Natural World, a Soho London based luxury haircare brand that pride themselves on the use of organic products. I was fortunate enough to be sent their Chia Seed Oil range to use, after receiving a travel size tube of their chia seed oil at the big bloggers expo I was already a huge fan so when the opportunity popped up to try and review the shampoo and conditioner as well I jumped for it!

What the bottles claim the products do..

“This exquisitely creamy, volume boosting shampoo is infused with certified Chia Seed Oil, to remove dirt & impurities that weigh the hair down, while helping strengthen for beautifully bouncy, fuller hair. Volume & silky shine for fine hair”

The conditioner has the same but it claims to “strengthen, detangle and restore”

So first thoughts when receiving the products, the bottles are a mustard yellow in colour and the label design is pretty effective yet simple, it clearly states what the products are free from which are, parabens, phosphates, phthalates, dyes and gluten. The text format is clear and simple making it very easy to read the usage instructions and clearly see the ingredients list.

First use, the product is very creamy as it says on the bottle, but the shampoo doesn’t foam up like traditional shampoo so it was difficult to know if you have covered all of your hair! So I just used a second handful and gave my hair and scalp and good scrub, when rinsing the product out I noticed my hair had gained some texture and had become quite coarse. Moving on to the conditioner, as all females do I probably used more than necessary but I lathered it through my hair and gave my scalp a little massage and then left it in for a few minutes to sink in before rinsing it out. Even though I had left the conditioner for a few minutes I noticed my hair was still quite coarse and was very knotted, I towel dried my hair and rubbed through a small amount of the Chia Seed Oil, avoiding getting oil to near to the roots, greasy hair after freshly washing it is not the one! So oil in, my hair relaxed and I was able to run my tangleteezer through my hair with ease. whilst drying my hair, to my relief!, I noticed my hair started to soften as it dried, the end result was fab, my hair looked thicker, a little fluffy but nothing a quick run over with the straighteners couldn’t fix.

I have been using the Chia Seed Oil range for exactly two weeks now, and the products certainly deliver on their promise. Not only is my hair visibly thicker, my hair has strengthened, the amount of hair falling out when I do it has reduced and it has the golden shine of healthy hair. No more flat and dull hair. As much as I love the Chia Seed range i’m curious to try another of their ranges, they also do Argan Oil of Morocco, Brazilian Keratin, Caffeine Power, coconut water & Macadamia Oil. If you can’t decide on which one to go for head over to their website, link below, to try their quiz, this helps you determine which of their ranges would be best for you, my result was the caffeine power! Which is definitely on my payday wish list. Natural World Products can be found on amazon. Click here

Rating: 8/10

Reason: Fantastic hair care range, now a permanent member of my hair care routine, only downer for me was that it doesn’t leave the hair feeling soft, but my thinking is this is so the hair can look and feel thicker.

Click Here to be taken to Natural World’s Quiz

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