November Goals & Go-Ahead…

Each month I try to set myself goals, last month my goal was to enjoy my long awaited , which I very much did. This month I want to focus on my health, my goals are to cut out alcohol and sugar from my diet. Now this isn’t a pledge to never drink alcohol again because if you follow my twitter and Instagram you will see that I do enjoy prosecco, what girl doesn’t these days?! But for 4 weeks I want to avoid alcohol and sugar.

Whats prompted this? My holiday photos. I’m the biggest I have ever been, and it’s making me very unhappy, so what do we do when something’s broke? We fix it. My body confidence is broken, giving me the motivation to fix my diet and to get back to the gym. First step diet, next step gym, my local gym is rather expensive for me at the moment so I’m going to try and increase my activity by home work outs and walking more.

How do I fix my diet? Although my goals are to cut alcohol and sugar, I know this alone will not help me shift the pounds, I have to completely rethink my diet. I need to be smart with my food, cut out bread, replace my white pasta and rice from wholewheat, sensible snacking replacing sweets and cakes with healthier alternatives.

Recent I was sent a rather large goody box of Go Ahead products. Go Ahead, from McVities, “is a range of delicious, satisfying snacks all carefully portioned so you can snack smart!” Perfect for a busy person like myself and affordable!

What’s in the box?

Yogurt breaks in “Radiant! Raspberry” and “totally! Tropical”

Thin and fruity, crispy biscuits with a creamy yogurt topping. RRP £1.99 for 5 packets of 2 slices. My personal favourite if the tropical, they’re incredibly handy when I wake up to late for breakfast!

Crispy Slices in “a-peeling! Apple” and “ooh! Orange”, just like the yogurt breaks just…minus the yogurt!

RRP £1.65 for 5 packs of 3 slices.

my favourites, Fruity Bakes in “a-peeling! Apple, Golden baked bars, filled with a yummy fruit flavoured filling.” RRP £1.99 for 6 bars

Finally the newbies to the Go Ahead! Range, Cookie Bites!, in “wow! White chocolate &a raspberry” and “cheeky! Chocolate & orange”. ” scrumptious crunchy mini cookies with chocolate chip and little bursts of fruity flavour that’ll blow your taste buds” RRP £1.99 for 6 packs.

Out of the range I have fallen in love with the fruity bakes and the white chocolate & raspberry cookies, they are incredibly tasty and keep the sugar cravings at bay!

The Go Ahead! range can be found at most U.K. Supermarkets, to find out more about go ahead and more delicious flavours head over to their website here.

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