Christmas Guide for Him

I don’t know about you ladies but I find it so hard to buy for guys!! I have recently started a new relationship so this post will help me as much as it will help you!

so what have I found..

Beards have certainly become the must have thing with the gents and us females are certainly not complaining…until it comes to cleaning the beard trimmings from the sink!

In comes the Beard Bib from firebox! only £24.99 it attaches to the mirror to catch the trimmings! Fortunately for me T hasn’t got a beard so I don’t have that worry.

Next on my list is a box set, HMV is still alive and kicking and has the Game of Thrones Boxset for only £39.99. who doesn’t LOVE game of thrones? And who’s not a fan of a good boxset binge and take out?

This one maybe slightly for myself….

Along with winter comes ice and snow, keep the man in bed for an extra 15 mins thanks to this winter screen cover from Lakeland, £9.99. This is magnetic cover protects the screens from the harshness of winter and saves your fingers from the horrible task of de-icing the car!

I am a massive fan of personalised gifts, is a great brand who specialises in personalised gifts, I have used them several times and have always been happy with the service and items. Check them out!

Rounding up with another novelty gift, marvel hero lighting from MenKind, currently on sale for £29.95 this wall lights make the perfect gift for the geeky guy or child in your life.

There you go five gift ideas for him, hope you find this useful and sparks some ideas for you, happy gift hunting!

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