Review: Bannatyne Spa Orpington

Until recently I had only stepped into a spa once and it was during my holiday in Turkey for a Turkish bath, and that was some experience!

A few weeks ago I was invited by my friend Tanya over at to attend a VIP opening of the Bannatyne Spa in Orpington. What I will tell you now is that it is not an easy place to get to unless you drive! It is tucked away on a country road with no path to safely walk along, I used Uber to get to the spa.

The spa itself is situated within the bannatyne health club, it wasn’t completed but it still looked incredible. On arrival we were taken into a dark room with blue mood lighting (not very friendly for migraine sufferers) and in the room was a number of tiled heated loungers, we were handed gift bags and was given a choice of orange juice or prosecco, you can guess what i went for!

We were given a tour of the Spa by lovely Amy, one of the Spa managers, who had also invited us, as I have mentioned the spa was still having it’s finishing touches, as we walked through the mani/pedi area the O.P.I stands were still being filled up, but it looked very elegant, the nail bar seemed spacious and the pedicure chairs looked incredibly comfy. We were next taken past the treatment rooms up to the Elemis facial room where a gym goer was having a complimentary facial done, in the corner they had an Elemis representative doing skin scans that tell you how healthy and unhealthy your skin is, It measures your pores, level of oil, UV damage, elasticity and hydration. The girl from Elemis, despite slowly losing her voice!, took her time with us and explained all of the results, it was very informative.

During our visit we were treated to a mini chocolate back massage, I was quite anxious about this for a number of reasons including my sensitive skin and I’m not a massive fan of being touched by people i don’t know! but the lovely ladies who did our massages were very calm, explained everything they were going to do and the massage itself was out of this world! having warm melted chocolate poured on to your back is probably the next best thing to sex!

Over all we had a fabulous evening, our glasses were never empty, we learnt so much about our skin, and we nearly snoozed off whilst having warm chocolate massaged into our backs. All of the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, the spa itself was incredible (I need a heated lounger in my living room!) and I will certainly be returning again in the future, especially for a Biotech facial!

I’d like to thank Amy again for inviting us as we had such a relaxing evening, which had been much needed by both of us!

There is currently have a Valentines competition on the website so head over and check it out!

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