Review: Bach Essences

If you were to ask me if I believed in herbal remedies I would probably tell you it’s each to their own but i personally wouldn’t invest in herbal products. Before christmas I was approached by Nelsons asking if i would be interested in trying Bach essences and calendula cream over the festive period, i will always try anything once so I agreed to try out elm and larch to help with success and confidence. Unfortunately I work in a store that sells the cream and as i couldn’t produce a receipt to prove it was mine it was confiscated from me and it hasn’t been returned! I took it to work with me as my hands suffer terribly so i hoped it would help!

To use the essences you pop a few drop ls into water or any beverage of your choice.

In honesty I think the Bach essenses are good BUT you have to know your stuff when buying them as if you were to go to a store that sells them there is no guidence or information as to what each one does, i wouldn’t have a clue! The information is available online with a simple google search but I think there needs to be more information on the bottles as currently all they have are the usage instructions!

For my anxiety I have gone on to buy the bach rescue remedy pastilles, Bach essences can be purchased in health stores and stocked by Boots!

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