26 on the 26th, my Birthday wish list…

This month I turn 26, over the hump and on my way to 30 *sob*. My holiday to Turkey is my birthday present to myself, but everyone has some form of birthday wish list right?

I hate asking for presents so please don’t confuse this as a hint! Though I do love cards so a cheeky birthday card would always be welcome! so here it goes 26 for the 26th. I have linked up the images if any of the products take your fancy! Also this page is best viewed on desktop!

1. Ac-Norm Active Wash! I’m very keen to try this cleanser from frezyderm. At 25 I am still suffering from Acne. The ingredients in this face wash look like they may help. Click to learn more

2. Ac-Norm total control cream. A formula using salicylic acid for all types of acne. Click to know more.

3. Ac-Norm oil-free aquatic serum, I try to use all oil-free products when possible! Click image


4. Twisted fate Pandora ring from their rose collection. It is beyond cute!

5. Look Fantastic’s Secret Beauty Advent Calendar. An item likely to stay on my wish list with a £70 price tag.

6. Dior’ Poison Girl. I am obsessed with this perfume. It is beyond lush.

7. MUA luxe velvet lacquer in Splash. As many of you know I am a huge fan of the MUA velvet lipsticks, recently they’ve brought out splash, dark blue.

8. Babyliss Big Hair styler. After mine broke I have been desperate to replace it!

9. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I can’t have nice undies right!? This set from Victoria’s Secret is fiiiine

10. Christmas is coming, that means party season! This dress is fab!

11. Red roses are a favourite of mine, so naturally I want these earrings from jewellery box.

12. As a baker I am dying for a stand mixer! This one from Lakeland is soo pretty!

13. I LOVE FUDGE! Especially Roly’s fudge, whenever I visit Brighton I always make a point to visit rolys to get some butterscotch & sea salt fudge. yum

14. A beauty and the beast art mug from Disney….I’m obsessed with Disney mugs

15. A Disney flute for my prosecco

16. Rose gold keyboard case for my iPad Pro, make typing my blog posts easier.

17. I super duper want my second tattoo! I would love to have this done on my ankle (minus the feather) found the image on Pinterest

18. I have recently taken smoking back up, this is gross and needs stop, I think this gorgeous rose gold vape from kangertech can help! (Update: I Quit!)

19. Babyliss curl Secret, I love curling my hair, this would speed up the process.

20. A canon power shot camera. At the moment I rely on my phone as my camera, this needs to be sorted.

21. A vintage full length mirror so I can take more outfit shots.

22. Juice to u 5 day detox. I am really keen to try this but with a price tag of £79 I will have to wait

23. Clinique’s Sonic brush.

24. This super cute lounge set from new look

25. Hi smile teeth whitening. My teeth could do with a little brightening. Everyone is buzzing about hi smile.

Finally 26. PROSECCO OF COURSE! No link required for this one.


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