2016 Reflections…

Happy New year!

It’s been a month since my last post, which is terrible! Why you ask? Purely for the reason I’ve been busy. To help me pay off some debts and save for a deposit I have been working two jobs! By day I am a optical consultant and by night I have been doing the odd shift as a barmaid. We gotta do what we have to these days!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, mine was a quiet one! Just my mum, sister, myself, a lot of food and of course prosecco! As I get older Christmas becomes less about gifts and more about good food and company. What made this Christmas a little more special to me this year was the new man in my life, whilst a part of me wants to tell you all about him I feel very private about this relationship so all I’m going to say is that I am very, very happy!

I think 2016 was difficult for a lot of people, but i’m not going to focus on the downs and reflect on my highlights of 2016. My main highlight was starting my blog, it has been 7 months since I began Abigail Kathleen and it just keeps going from strength to strength! I have made incredible friends especially in Ana and Cat, first meeting them at Scarlett’s bloggers event earlier on in 2016 through my beautiful friend and fellow blogger Tanya. That brings me to my next highlight..

I have been friends with Tanya for many, many years, we attended the same school but met through mutual friends, we have always been good friends but 2016 saw our friendship become better than ever and 2017 will see us becoming flat mates! Hence the two jobs! Unfortunately for my generation renting has become horrifically expensive with all the additional fees and deposits.


2016 saw me travel to Turkey and Spain, although I am a nervous flyer I love travelling, in March I returned to medina sidonia in Spain for the second time, I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time, a week of just pure relaxation in the Spanish sun surrounded by nothing but green fields and blue sky. The food was incredible and even in march it was warm, though we did look odd walking around in short sleeve tees when the locals were all wrapped up in coats and hats!

My trip to Turkey was my first time visiting the country and it was for my 26th birthday and it was incredible! Turkey is a beautiful country, we visited Olu Deniz and I hope it will be possible to return one day. During my visit we were spoilt with sunsets, clear blue sea, lush food, sun shine and incredible hotel service.

looking into 2017…

This year I’ve not set any resolutions as I never stick to them! But this year I will be doing everything possible to move in with Tanya, where we will have our own little bloggers home! But my main focus is to just be happy! I am so proud of this blog I will continue to post and build Abigail Kathleen up!

I want to wish you a very happy new year that’s filled with love, happiness and good health!

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