My Holiday Wishlist…

In 5 weeks time I will be off to Oludeniz in Turkey! I will be staying at a 5* spa resort and staying all inclusive, a much needed relaxation holiday! So whilst thinking about what I need to take I thought I would share with you my holiday wish list! To shop my wish list just click on the images!

Rebel Circus Swimsuit

Rebel circus

Starting out with the most important thing!…..well to me anyway! Is swim wear!

since putting on weight I have become extremely self conscience of my body so I’ve been looking around at one piece swim suits! I found this on rebel circus and fell in love with this straight away!

Pretty little thing

Pretty little thing

Next on the wish this is this simple yet stunning cold shoulder day dress from pretty little thing, obsessed with them! Perfect item for exploring in style!



Something for the evening, this playsuit is from boohoo and is available in black and Ivory, which I prefer but I couldn’t get an image of the Ivory one!

Jewellery box

Jewellery box

A holiday accessory must! The anklet, I found this one by jewellery box which is unfortunately out of stock now (sob!) I just love the daisy chain design!



I’m going to wrap up my wish list with Clinique’s Anti Blemish 3 step system. This little set is the perfect size for travelling and helps keep the break outs at bay whilst I’m sunning it up!

so that’s my little holiday wish list, items that will have to wait for pay day! But they would also be mini birthday treats as the holiday is exactly a week before my 26th birthday! Gosh heading towards 30! Anyway maybe I’ll post a birthday wish list, but for now I have lost patience with this post as it has required so much editing. Peace out!

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