On September the 3rd I attended my second bloggers event! The bloggers festival is organised by the stunning Scarlett who at the age of 22 has made her name known by not just her events but her incredible blog and can be spotted modelling for the beautiful designer Jodie Bell. It was a pleasure to meet her and I look forward to attending future Scarlett events.

It’s not something I have discussed on here yet but I suffer from social anxiety, so the thought of going to events alone leave me incredibly anxious but I’m very lucky to have Tanya as a friend and fellow blogger as knowing she is there calms me a little! So knowing that someone I know will be already there is great but she also introduced me to two gorgeous and immensely kind ladies, Ana and Cat. They immediately made me feel comfortable and kept me smiling throughout the day.

At the moment I’m currently without my phone, I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 edge but it kept over heating so it had to be sent away for repairs, my phone is everything my diary, camera, my life!. Luckily I knew Tanya would have her camera so when I arrived early I had a quick dart around the tables saying quick hello’s to the brands and taking pictures of the tables, Tanya kindly forwarded these images to me so I could use them for this post!

The first two brands were health related, Lipivir is the first table you see when walking in, Lipivir is a medicated gel designed to tackle cold sores, something I actually don’t suffer so I am unable to comment on its effectiveness! But I have kept it in my make up bag for any future needs! Next along we found Alflorex, now this was a company I wanted to talk to as two days previous to the event I had to take time of work sick with food poisoning and a stomach bug. Alflorex is a daily probiotic that helps those who suffer with IBS, the gentleman I spoke explained everything in a way I understood, no scientific jargon, to the point and was full of facts, I took away a months supply and I look forward to benefitting from it. Visit Alflorex here.

Next up is every bloggers favourite Brand JewelleryBox, I met jewellery box the the big bloggers expo, where I had received my dinosaur earrings. This time they were offering bloggers a mini photo shoot with their jewellery and were even kind enough to allow us to keep the jewellery items! My items were chosen for me, the necklace in the photo which I actually haven’t taken off since! And a cute dainty V bracelett seen in the photo on the right. I’m certainly not looking my best in these photos but they were the best two! No idea why I have such a squinty eye!

Next up is Oopsie! A food brand that jars up the perfect cake ingredients! Fruit! On display the had a variety of their fruit jars, and a company after my own heart had cherry and Christmas cake to sample! As a baker I was very pleased to meet the ladies from Oopsie! The cherry and ginger jars I got in my goodie bag have already been put to use in my baking! Even got a cheeky Christmas cake recipe card as that’s one thing I haven’t made yet!

After getting my fill of cake next up was a new and GENIUS subscription Service called friction free shaving, from £3 a month these lovely people will send you your months shaving needs direct to your door step, no more spending a fortune on fancy razors! I was given the frankie that also had a very clever spin on Craig David in the box. I really enjoyed speaking to the guys from ffs and I look forward to trying their new shaving cream! Certainly a company for the busy woman constantly on the move!

Exucviance, a skin care company that uses science to create their products. The first question I was asked was what my skin type was, I explained about my Acne and the poor woman’s face dropped! Out of the products they had brought with them none where really suitable for acne! I understood as I’m quite particular about the products I use on my skin, I like to stick with what I know works best for me, but none the less I was still give a gentle face wash which I have used a couple times! And the one thing I will say is that a little goes a long way!

Bodychef! A fresh new way of dieting, a subscription service that prepares your meals and portions and delivers it directly to you. I was kindly given a brownie! Personally this isn’t a service I would use as I enjoy buying and preparing my own food but certainly a service for the busy individual.

If you don’t know who Beverly Hills Formula is you have clearly haven’t the worry of how to keep your teeth white! A dental care brand that is well known, they were at the festival to promote their new whitening range with charcoal and gold! They were giving away goodies so I was fortunate to receive two full sized toothpastes, 4 miniatures and a new toothbrush! I had briefly spoken to the ladies at Beverly Hills before the event started so I was kindly given a choice of what toothpaste I wanted! I selected the black sensitive, and after the first use I certainly noticed the difference! I want to go a get the black mouth wash as well, Definitely worth a buy!!

Natural world Hair products won my heart when I received the chia seed hair oil at the bigbloggersexpo so meeting the ladies was great, They are kindly sending me the whole chia seed range to review! So keep an eye out for that post!

Last and not least PNY tech. These guys were the life savers with their charging station and beautiful rose gold power banks! Our little group photo won their competition, the ladies proudly claimed their prizes but I missed out on mine! But no biggie as it was an apple charger and I’m a Samsung lady!

That’s it….I hope I’ve not missed any brands out but I had a fantastic day and was a major bag lady on my way home! I had a belly full of sweets and bucks fizz I really enjoyed myself and meeting so many new faces. A big thank you to Scarlett and I hope we get to cross paths again at future events!

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