Autumn is here! Outfit of the day..

Autumn has arrived here in London, the temperature has dropped, the leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter. Most people would be sad about this but I personally love Autumn, the temperature is mild enough for a long sleeved top or a light jacket but not cold enough for hats or scarves, I really hate things being tight around my neck.

Yesterday I visited my friend Sibel for a much need cheer up session, seems i’m not as tough as I thought after losing yet another relationship. Any- hoo..!

As much as I love glamming up I do love rocking the casual look, so whilst walking past Danson Park I got Sibel to take a couple outfit shots for me as I am currently without a phone, it has been sent away for repairs!

You will eventually learn that I am the most awkward person in front of the camera but when at home I am a bit of a selfie queen! I am also a fan of high street bargains! I’m not a rich person, I live on a average wage so I do love me a bargain.

The top is my current favourite, it’s my go to for comfort. I got it last winter from primark, but luckily checked shirts will never go out of fashion.

Red check primark shirt

Click here for the primark shirt!

Next Up is the leather look leggings, not that you can tell in the photo’s! As 99% of the female population I love leggings, no not the cheap see through ones but decent thick cotton or leather look leggings. My go to for my leggings is New Look…which is actually my main go to shop!

NewLook Leggings

Shop Leggings here

Being only 5ft 1 I am a HUGE fan of wedge trainers, anything to make me seem taller! The trainers that i’m wearing in the Image are actually from a fashion store in Spain! So I can’t share with you where I got them but I can share with you the wedge trainers currently on my wish list!

Puma wedge

The Puma Vikky Wedge! I don’t wear trainers that often really but I could see me living in these!

Marc Jacob’s Sunglasses

Last and not least my new sunglasses! yes I know it’s a bit late in the year for sunglasses but these are prescription! and will be much needed when I go to Turkey in October!

Marc Jacob MMJ492s with Prescription lenses. I am in love with my new sunglasses, little on the big side but…I don’t care! I love them!

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