Contraception and Me

Right now I am laying in bed in pain and feeling sorry for myself, unfortunately it is self inflicted, this morning I had the Jaydess coil fitted

My migraines have affected many parts of my life including my options for contraception, before my migraines I was taking Dianette, a combination pill for contraception and my acne. Unfortunately since being diagnosed with Retinal Migraines I am no longer allowed dianette as it increases the risk of a stroke! So I resorted to condoms which isn’t ideal as for me due to personal preferences.
At 22 I had the implant fitted, for two reasons, one being the obvious and secondly it claimed to stopped my periods which it did. I am a woman who suffers incredibly heavy periods which sometimes resulted in time of work because of the pain, so when I was told about the implant I jumped at the opportunity. Took a few months to settle as the implant releases a high amount of hormones into the body, I had a good 6 months of no periods, I was in wonderland!…..then the mood swings and depression came along, I went loopy, it got to a point my then boyfriend told me to get it out, so I did.

A couple months ago I went to see a dermatologist about my acne, and the first thing she said to me was that whilst on medication I should be on TWO forms of contraception, this is as acne medications can cause serious birth defects. So like a good girl I booked myself in with the GP who runs the family planning clinic to discuss my options, and we settled on the Jaydess coil. The jaydess coil release a very low dose of hormones to the reproductive system and lasts for 3 years.

On the lead up to today i have been told many horror stories about the coil, the one thing all in common in those horror stories was that the coil had not been fitted properly. So with all the pros and cons engraved in my mind i still went ahead and had it fitted this morning, i thought having a smear was bad but my god it was unpleasant!

Generally coils are only fitted in women who have already had babies as the cervix is bigger but any woman can have the coil, the fitting is just a little more painful!

Do I regret having it done, no, but it’s too early to know for sure. At the moment I am a very grumpy Abi as I have the most painful cramps! But i’ve been assured this is normal but does not last all day!

Do you have a coil? I’d like to hear some positive stories!

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