Sweet 7th Heaven

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited by my friend and fellow blogger Tanya to seventh heaven’s 30 year anniversary event.

The event was held in a closed down pub in Hackney, London. They had transformed it in to a vintage/shabby chic beauty haven, On the first floor you had their little shop where you could buy any full sized products, also you would find arcade classics such as pac man and space invaders!. The top floor had two rooms, one had free beauty treats (face masks, massages…) and the other room is where they held meditation and yoga classes, Tanya had booked us in for reiki meditation and laughing yoga, unfortunately I did end up walking out of both! (Too many people in one room!). Going down in to the basement of the building you would find a cinema room and a 80’s room, these had to be my favourite rooms.

Refreshments and snacks were available through out the building, unfortunately the advertised chocolate fountain had arrived late and was not ready by the time we left as we were both in need of food.

On our way out we collected our VIP goodie bags which was a canvas tote bag with a selection of hair and face masks. I have already used the charcoal and dead sea exfoliating mask, it was messy but my skin felt so fresh and soft! As a acne sufferer I’m not normally a fan of face masks as i can’t use any products with oil in but 7th Heaven use all natural and vegan friendly products, so i have now converted into a lover of face masks!

If you wish to discover more about reiki meditation email Victoria Crump at freereiki@live.com

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