Heart of Gold

A few weeks ago I fell victim to my works notorious thief, my purse was emptied of it’s money while i worked, to say i was upset would be an understatement.

I didn’t cry about the money being stolen but what did leave me sobbing my heart out is that my colleagues had rallied together to replace the money that had been taken and put in my bag before i could protest! I was so touched by their kindness, i will repay it in baked goods.

On hearing what had happened my closest friend and fellow blogger Tanya offered to take me out that weekend as we both needed cheering up. So the day came and Tanya and her friend Stacey came to meet me from a baby shower, we chatted and shared a bottle of prosecco. Unfortunately Tanya was a little worse for wear after having a long day and had to go home earlier than planned, so her friend Stacey extended an invite to join her and her friends for a drink in the railway, Tanya lent me some money and shooed me off with Stacey.

Stacey and her friends were incredibly kind and welcoming! I didn’t feel out of place or awkward at all and I had a nice evening getting to meet and mix with new people! At the end of the night i walked to my bus stop with a massive smile amazed at the kindness I had received that evening.

Since then i have received nothing but praise and love for stacey when telling this story to mutual friends and all I can think is WE NEED MORE STACEY’S IN THE WORLD!

This girl did not know me, we had only met that night and she took me along with her, even bought me a drink and introduced me to her friends. She has a heart of gold and we need more people like her.

Hopefully I will cross paths with her again so i can return the drink!

Have you experienced kindness this week? Share below!!

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