Within the last year the term ‘body shaming’ has been a popular topic, body shaming is a term used when a person is criticised for being either over weight or under-weight. Personally I am neither but in the past week I have been criticised for my size.

Between November through to May I was on a course of anti-depressants, as well as antibiotics for my acne and medication for my migraines, this combined caused me to gain two stone in weight. This wasn’t my choice, it was a side effect of the various medications. Between January to June last year I was a total gym addict, I loved the way it made me feel. Gradually my migraines got worse and it resulted in me fainting one day and hitting my head on a machine, i’ve not been back because;

1) embarrassment

2) anxiety – I don’t want a repeat!

3) my doctor advised against it for a while.

When I was at the gym I received a lot of comments, mainly that I was too skinny, I disagreed and called it healthy, I still feel that way as I was a healthy 8 stone (i’m 5ft 1). Now I am 9 and half stone, i have gone from a size 6/8 to a size 12, which according to the BMI i’m in the ok range, only now I get comments such as “why don’t you go back to the gym?” And “you are on the big side”. Unfortunately nobody looks at me and see’s a girl who has battles her inner demons and battled with her health, they just see a curvey girl who must enjoy her food too much…..(fact: I don’t actually eat a lot!)

This bothers me more than it should, I have tried all sorts to try and lose the extra pounds including meal replacement shake programs such as Protein World and Diet now, and to take supplements, but no result.

Truth of the matter is we need to look after our bodies by eating healthily, feeding our bodies needs and regular exercise. There also needs to be a better way of how we look at each other, you never know what a person has been or is going through. Another thing is some need to learn that they can’t enforce their opinions onto others, we are all unique and different.

I am facing my demons and joining (a different!) Gym and signing up to various exercise classes, I will keep you informed of my fitness journey!

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