Beauty by Post

If there was any career that would guarantee secure employment it would be the beauty and fashion industry, as the world evolves so does our vanity. I’m sure it’s not only me that would stroll through a department store or a pharmacy and think what really is the difference between products, for example a £5.99 mascara from Rimmel to a £20 Mascara from Max Factor? Or a £1 source body wash to a £8 body wash from Soap and Glory?

Recently I have discovered Beauty box subscriptions where a company would send you a gift box of luxury beauty samples such as make up, skin care and even make up tools! All products from brands that you wouldn’t of even considered buying. I have two of these subscriptions as I find each company tend to be of different quality but both very good. My first subscription is with Birchbox, founded in 2010 in New York by two besties who were lovers of online shopping, the company has grown quickly and now operates in four countries (that I know of anyway) the US, the UK, France and Spain.

I have now been with birch box for three months and so far I have not been disappointed, in the first week of every month you will receive a beautiful gift box, and inside 5 beauty products within a small drawstring bag. The cost of the box is only £10 and £2.95 P&P, and for the quality of products you receive (a mixture of miniatures and full sized items) you certainly get your moneys worth.

Moving on to my second subscription, GlossyBox. Glossybox pride themselves as being the UK’s number one beauty box, similar to birch box you receive a beautiful hand packed gift box with 5 luxury beauty products, to see more images of the products please visit my instagram page. Each box only costs £10 plus £3.25 P&P. This months Glossybox has focused on skincare in the sun sending its subscribers a full sized Ladival, an all round medium strength sun protection cream that also protects the skin from infrared-a-rays that cause more damage than UV. This product alone has a retail cost of £19.99, so you can’t argue that it’s not worth the money!

The bonus of these subscriptions is that they are not contracts! There is no obligation and you can stop and start your subscriptions at any time.

If you haven’t signed up already get moving! It’s like a guaranteed gift to yourself every month! Nothing better than coming home to a gift box of luxury Beauty products.

To find out more visit the websites:

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